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An Amazing Journey From An Inspirational Artist.

Pete Felton CLIC Sargent
Pete visiting CLIC Sargent at the Q.E. Hospital.
Photo By @daudiomusicgroup

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I first met Pete after he had embarked on a quest to raise awareness of his situation. His hope was to save others from having to go through the ordeals he had.

Only in his 20's and diagnosed with a rare form of sarcoma cancer in his left foot. On the 27th July 2017, Pete underwent below the knee surgery to amputate his leg.

Yet, even before the diagnosis, Pete had also been dealing with mental health & addiction issues. Thankfully, he was in recovery thanks to the help he had received from the charity Changes UK in Digbeth.

Pete came to terms with his present situation through music.

After a bedroom recording of his song "Hollow" gained interest. He wanted to share his story and use his music to help raise money for three charities that had supported him. He set up a crowdfunding page and began raising money to record an E.P.

Pete Felton Alex Dudley Studio
In the studio with Pete
Photo By @daudiomusicgroup

Developing Pete's Music...

Incredibly, we began recording with Pete only weeks after his amputation. He performed his original song "Hollow" in a live studio session and shared his plans for a charity E.P. release.

Pete was an inspiring person to work with as I got know him better. Despite struggles, his optimism and approach to life gave him a positive outlook. His views on mental health were also very insightful and is a subject that many musicians, including myself, deal with. He writes his music as an outlet for his emotions and is a competent performer & songwriter.

Helping Pete craft his song ideas into a project that he was proud of was a fun experience. After the live studio session, we began work on his E.P. and over the coming months produced an amazing debut project with Pete. At the same time, we filmed several vlogs highlighting each charity that had helped Pete. Finally, we launched the E.P. with a gig in January 2018 to a packed out audience at 1000 Trades Bar in Birmingham.

Pete Felton CLIC Sargent
The E.P. launch party at 1000 Trades Bar
Photo By @daudiomusicgroup

How You Can Help Pete's Cause...

Want to help Pete's raise awareness for his cause? Download, stream, share videos and follow this inspiring musician.

Pete's E.P. "The Road Less Travelled" is available on all major digital music providers now. Proceeds from the release will be going to the charities Sarcoma UK, CLIC Sargent & Changes UK.

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We enabled Pete to make his idea a reality. Want to get your next project started? Click here to find out how we can help...

Pete Felton Alex Dudley Studio
Recording Pete's vocals
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About The Author

Pete Felton Alex Dudley Studio
Alex Dudley BA MSc.
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Alex Dudley is an award-winning entrepreneur, record producer, musician, software developer, inventor, husband and father to three kids with a passion for collaboration.

Currently based in Hollywood, Birmingham. Alex has been involved in various aspects of the music industry for over 15 years. Alex performs & writes music with local band WuD and also releases his own music online.

He studied Sound Production at the University of Wolverhampton under the mentorship of renowned Birmingham sound engineer & music producer Phil Savage. Later, Alex went on to obtain his Master's degree in Audio Technology and subsequently founded dAudio Music Group in 2015.

Alex's accolades include the Studley High School Musician of the Year in 2004 & dAudio Music Group winning the BAA Graduate Start-up of the Year award in 2017.

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