How We Can Help

You've written songs that you want to be the pinnacle of your work as a songwriter & you want to work with a producer to bring them to life.

Our full works package helps craft your best material while having fun & creating a project you can be proud of.

Get high-quality music production that sounds great from the hi-fi, car or radio. Ideal for sharing online, radio play and selling to fans at your shows.

What You Get

Songwriting & Pre-Production

We start by working with you to finish the songwriting and perfect the song arrangement.

Then, we create a pre-production/demo project and lay down some basic guide tracks ready for the main recording & production session.

You'll get creative support and receive honest, professional songwriting advice.

Multi-Track Recording & Music Production

After songwriting & pre-production, we begin to track all the layers and re-record any rough takes.

We use VST instruments, our collection of guitars, and creative recording & sound design to craft your songs into full productions.

We have a collection of hi-quality microphones from Shure, Aston, AKG & sE Electronics at our disposal as well as the Komplete Kontrol 10 VST library.

Post Production

In post-production, we work on the final touches that make good music stand out.

We record any final overdubs or "ear candy" (it's a technical term) and apply creative production techniques where needed. This is where we focus on the feeling of the music and make sure all the elements work together.

To paraphrase Antoine de Saint-Exupery; We stop when there is nothing left to take away.


Once the songwriting and production are complete, we begin the process of mixing.

Our technical expertise will help clean up your recordings and turn them into well balanced, great sounding songs. We apply creative mixing techniques to give your mix a unique but authentic sound.

We offer unlimited mix revisions and will only say a mix is done when you are happy.


The final step before getting your songs ready to be released is mastering.

Mastering is an essential step that brings out the details of your mix and makes sure your music meets satisfactory loudness levels. Using our treated listening environment and multiple monitor setup, we critically analyze your songs and apply complementary processing to your mix.

The final product is a song that sounds great from no matter where it's played.

The Full Works Music Production

Our Full Works Music Production Package is ideal for musicians or artists who need someone to help achieve the sound and quality they are after.

You'll get up to 12 hours per song in the studio for songwriting, recording & production. And, all editing, mixing, and mastering is included free of charge.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch to book your free project consultation now!