Hi, I'm Alex Dudley... I help people make music!

I'm an award-winning musician, entrepreneur & record producer with a passion for collaborating with other singer-songwriters.

I've written & produced many genres including acoustic, pop, rock, reggae, electronic & urban music.

Having been involved in music for over 16 years, I've learned a lot along the way. I understand the struggles of modern independent musicians trying to make a living and want to share my knowledge and skills.

Founding dAudio Music Group in 2015, my vision was to provide innovative solutions for independent musicians to get high-quality music production & manage their careers in a rapidly evolving industry.

My mission is to help independent singer-songwriters - like you - make a living from music. By providing bespoke music production packages; We enable your music to grow.

Are you looking for the right producer to grow with? I'm always available to chat about projects!

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What People Say About Us...

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"Being a musician and songwriter himself, Alex offers creativity and valuable guidance, coupled with passion and enthusiasm..."

"Alex and Kate have an uplifting predisposition towards upcoming artists... I would definitely recommend them..."

"...an extremely hard working entrepreneur with a genuine love & passion for music..."

"dAudio helped me take my music to a new level, with support along every step of the recording process..."

Ivy's Dream Song - Matthew Finch