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We enable musicians to grow in the modern music industry

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We'll discuss how to help you create engaging content. Plus, allow you to build a forward-thinking brand around your music

"Being a musician and songwriter himself, Alex offers creativity and valuable guidance, coupled with passion and enthusiasm..."

- Matthew Finch

"...an extremely hard working entrepreneur with a genuine love & passion for music..."

- James T. Wilde

"dAudio helped me take my music to a new level, with support along every step of the recording process..."

- Pete Felton

How We Help You...

We support our artists in developing their unique content & brand by offering a holistic service. This includes monthly 1 to 1 mentoring and strategy sessions.

  • You'll work with an award-winning songwriter & producer on music production and media creation.
  • Transform your brand & stand out through consistent social media managemnt.
  • Get access to our unique technical expertise for eCommerce and website development.
  • Have your music distributed to all online platforms & be eligible for publishing opportunities.

Why Work With Us?

You've worked hard to establish yourself as a credible band or artist. You've poured all your passion into music as a life choice and want to take the next big step.

Working with us allows you to focus on what matters to you most as the creative force behind every project.

You'll get access to our unique technical insights and skills. Outside-the-box music management strategies and thinking. Plus, brand development designed for today's evolving music industry. This enables you to build a team and viable business model around your passion.

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