Helping musicians thrive in the new music industry

Our mission is to blend the artistry of music creation with innovative digital strategies, enriched by sound music business insight.

Founded in 2015 by singer-songwriter & record producer Alex Dudley (a.k.a. Xander Warren).

We specialize in providing a friendly, approachable, and professional fusion of audio production, digital asset management, and music strategy.

dAudio Music Group is an award-winning modern-day music & media collective for independent musicians.

More About Us

Located in the outskirts of Birmingham and operating globally. 

We work to support independent artists and bands with building their own careers.

Through our collective of musicians, technologists, and industry professionals.

We want to empower creative individuals… enabling them to carve their own path.


We’re grateful for all the support and wonderful musicians we get to meet.

Below are some of our highlights over the past few years. From working with phenomenal independent artists to winning the WLV Business Achievement Awards in 2017.

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