Our Story So Far

In 2015, a vision was set in motion. dAudio Music Group emerged from the creative genius of singer-songwriter and record producer, Alex Dudley, known artistically as Xander Warren.

Our ethos is both unique and transformative: integrate the intricate nuances of creating art with pioneering strategies of digital asset management, and lace that with effective music business acumen.

The culmination? An award-winning collective of businesses and brands, each with its own specialization, committed to redefining the music industry’s dynamics.

Roots & Reach

Anchored on the outskirts of Birmingham, our influence and services resonate on a global scale. Our mission is more than just a business model—it’s a movement. We’re passionate about nurturing artists, musicians, and bands, arming them with the tools and guidance they need to craft their distinctive trajectories in the music industry.

At dAudio, our collective isn’t just about people; it’s a fusion of services, tools, and platforms designed to champion sustainable careers for musicians at every scale. With Xander Warren spearheading music production, dAudio LABS oversees digital asset management, The Bizy Musician lends expertise on music business strategy, and dAudio RECORDS handles music & media publishing.

Our Milestones

While our journey has been marked by achievements, including the accolade from the WLV Business Achievement Awards in 2017, our real pride lies in the countless artists we’ve championed. It’s not just about the awards or recognition; it’s the stories of every musician we’ve empowered, the careers we’ve transformed, and our relentless mission to re-establish the essence of being a musician in the modern age. We believe the real power rests with the creators, and our role is to be their compass in channeling that energy productively.

Let’s Talk

Your music. Your vision. Our expertise. Together, we can redefine what it means to be a musician in today’s world. Let’s begin this symphony.