Client Liaison

Company: dAudio Music Group
Responsible To: Managing Director
Position: Remote Working, Commission Based

dAudio Music Group is a growing, modern-day, music and media company. We provide a fusion of services including music production, website management, and artist development. We are aiming to expand our remote working team across a number of roles. Specifically seeking enthusiastic team members to grow and evolve their careers with us. Working closely with management, successful candidates would have the freedom and flexibility to shape their role within the company. 

Job Role

We are looking to expand our team with a remote worker responsible for client liaison. 

Suitable For

This role is best suited as a part-time role for anyone looking for a side-hustle, on furlough, in part-time employment, education, a graduate, or able to support themselves through other means. 

There is scope – for the right self-motivated person – to develop new skills and grow within an evolving company. 

Role Specification

dAudio Music Group is looking for a skilled communicator to join our team. Someone with an approachable and friendly attitude who can find and network with artists, groups, and bands to work with us. 

Successful candidates will be provided with detailed specifications to help with sourcing and qualifying new leads. While the main tasks will revolve around researching, networking, and forwarding qualified leads to our online booking system, where another member of our team will take a sales call. 

Further Details

As a commission only based role, earnings will be granted from paid and confirmed projects. You will work to gather new leads for three services we provide; Music production, Website management and Music Strategy Consultation. 


Salary will be paid based on the commission breakdowns below:

Music Production – 10% commission starts from £95 per paid project. Potential to earn several hundred pounds on commissions for larger projects.

Website Management – 10% commission starts from £15 per month for active paid projects. Potential to earn a scalable regular monthly income from multiple clients’ recurring commissions.

Music Strategy Consultations – 20% commission paid at £20 per completed consultation. Potential to quickly earn commissions.

Role Requirements

  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral. 
  • Self Motivation – important for this role as you will need to self manage your time
  • Responsibility – To behave in a way to represent the ethos of dAudio Music Group. 
  • Decisiveness – Working remotely requires the ability to use your own initiative to qualify leads. 
  • Networking – To engage in social networks, local music scenes, and online communities while using networking skills to approach and build relationships with potential clients.
  • IT and desktop processing skills – Be confident with using online research and online productivity tools (i.e. Google Docs). 
  • Resources – You will need to have: reliable internet access, a decent communication device, and a suitable workstation to work remotely from.  

Final Notes

Thanks for your interest in this position, if it’s right for you then we would love to hear from you.

Quickly enter your details below and we will be in touch to arrange an interview for this job role via phone call

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