A Wonderland Of Birmingham's Best Music Right Now…

On a typically British drizzly winter evening, I ventured out to the Castle & Falcon in search of a wonderland…

However, this wonderland was hosted by Birmingham based indie pop-rock artist James Reidy.

I caught up with him at his single launch party to give you exclusive behind the scenes access to his show, talk about his latest project VSL, and find out what the future holds for this promising young songwriter.

James Reidy Features Birmingham’s Best Underground Music

Organising an awesome line up of Birmingham’s best underground artists and bands, Wonderland was a great show that delighted the captive audience.

First, kicking off the night was Cellar Door, a four-piece rock band with an epic and noisy sound. They put on a solid performance and set the tone for the quality of music for the rest of the night.

Next, British/Syrian singer-songwriter El Sam followed up with an emotive and moving performance of his original music in his usual ‘Sam Smith-esque’ style and sound.

Then, with more audience members braving the elements and arriving, brooding pop singer Naomi Dawes took to the stage.

She delivered a charismatic set with plenty of audience participation. A duet of her track ‘Side Piece’ with local grime artist Mayday ended her set on a high and the night was now in full flow.

Ever the crowd-pleaser & music industry socialite Mayday, delivered a set in his usual outstanding fashion. Plus, he represented two guest performances from local urban artists S Maverick & Stretch DCM.

Finally, with the energy in the room now buzzing, up-and-coming black-country rockers The Pagans S.O.H. took to the stage with a bouncing set that got the crowd moving. Playing their usual crowd-pleasers and giving a very interactive experience, they wrapped up their set and set the scene for James Reidy.

A Voice You Won’t Forget… James Reidy Drops A New Single

With an attentive audience ready, James Reidy opened with his latest track VSL backed by a full band.

James has once again teamed up with award-winning record producer Ben Stancombe from AMS Music Group to create a truly captivating new track that merges a distinctive pop sound with alternative genres.

At dAudio Music Group, we loved his debut single ‘Alone’ and featured it in our ‘Coffeeshop Vibes…’ playlist.

The song VSL – short for “Voice Sounds Like” – is another smash hit from the up-and-coming 25-year-old and is the first in a new wave of music from this aspiring musician.

Written about a girl whose voice he couldn’t get out of his head. A scribbled note, “‘I’m tryna remember what your voice sounds like” became the hook that produced a really great song.

You can listen to it below, but you should add it to your playlists on your favorite music platform using the button at the end of this post

Chatting With James Reidy After The Show

James put on an amazing live show. He ended his set with a stellar performance of his single Alone to the cheers and whoops of his adoring fans. If you’ve not seen James Reidy live yet, you are missing out!

After the show, I caught up with him and asked a few questions.

Alex:“How do you feel about your latest single release?”

James:“I’m really excited, I’ve learnt so many wonderful lessons from my previous release so the main aim this time was to set myself up for success and to really enjoy the moment.”

“I spent a long time getting worked up over insignificant details the last time around, I’m learning to let things go and enjoy the process! The single has done incredibly well so far, with 1000+ streams on Spotify alone in its first week, which is incredible.”

A:“What has been the highlight of your music career for 2019?”

J:“There’s almost too many to mention, I feel this year has been a massive journey/learning experience in so many ways. The shows, the people I’ve met and played with this year have been incredible. Getting the chance to work with Ben and the AMS team has been brilliant and has just really taken the whole experience to a new level.”

“A special mention has to go out to the band and for all the incredible artists and creatives I have had the pleasure to work with this year. I still pinch myself with some of the people I find myself in the same room as. To be played on BBC Introducing West Midlands twice has also been pretty special.”

A: “What can we expect from you in 2020 and beyond?”

J:“Bigger, better and bolder. There‘ll be new music being released all through the start of 2020, some collaborations. Lots of shows planned, particularly out of Birmingham, festivals, and some great visual content on the way. I’m ready to take the whole thing to the next level and really start to show what we can do!”

I think James Reidy is definitely one to watch for 2020.

Want to find out more about James Reidy? CLICK THE LINKS BELOW!


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About the Author:

Alex Dudley is an award-winning entrepreneur, record producer, musician, software developer, inventor, husband and father to three kids with a passion for collaborating with other singer-songwriters.

Currently based in Hollywood, Birmingham. Alex has been involved in various aspects of the music industry for over 15 years.

He studied Sound Production at the University of Wolverhampton under the mentorship of renowned Birmingham engineer & producer Phil Savage. Alex later went on to obtain his Master’s degree in Audio Technology and founded dAudio Music Group in 2015.

Alex’s accolades include the Studley High School Musician of the Year in 2004 & dAudio Music Group winning the BAA Graduate Start-up of the Year award in 2017.

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