Birmingham’s Got Talent...

Last week I headed out to Mama Roux’s in Brum to attend one of Birmingham's top networking & music events. There are loads of new opportunities appearing for Birmingham musicians. It's great to see so many creative and inspiring individuals coming together to build a better music community.

Watch the vlog below featuring performance from some incredible artists and bands. You can find all the links to them below the video.

I met some awesome people who are doing amazing things in the local music scene. And, it was great to see so much talent and diversity in the city. The BMA’s will have their main awards ceremony on the 16th May 2019. Check out their website link below to get your tickets.

James Broadfoot
Molly Morgan
Gasoline And Matches
Dean Lloyd
Born Zero
Sorry Grace
The Verse
Tarju Le’Sano
Birmingham Music Awards

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Alex Dudley

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Alex Dudley is an award-winning entrepreneur, record producer, musician, software developer, inventor, husband and father to three kids with a passion for collaborating with other singer-songwriters.

Currently based in Hollywood, Birmingham. Alex has been involved in various aspects of the music industry for over 15 years.

He studied Sound Production at the University of Wolverhampton under the mentorship of renowned Birmingham engineer & producer Phil Savage. Alex later went on to obtain his Master's degree in Audio Technology and founded dAudio Music Group in 2015.

Alex's accolades include the Studley High School Musician of the Year in 2004 & dAudio Music Group winning the BAA Graduate Start-up of the Year award in 2017.

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